If It's Not Practical, It's Not Spiritual...Or Is It????

CAUTION!!!!! This post might cause some serious discussion, but it is by no means meant to offend anyone......

For years I have heard church people use this phrase over and over again, and I have always had a hard time with it.

In my experience, I have heard this term often used to oppose things regarding acts of Faith. For example

  • If money is tight and someone suggests you give a larger amount in an offering than usual, people will say "I don't know about that, If it's not practical it's not spiritual".
  • If you have been diagnosed with a sickness and decide to believe God for healing instead of whatever medical advice you receive, people will say "I don't know about that, If  it's not practical, it's not spiritual"
  • If you decide that God has called you to move somewhere or do something for the Kingdom and it will cause you to lose some worldly things or position you already have, people will say "I don't know about that, if it's not practical it's not spiritual"
So in essence what people have been using this phrase to say is, "if it doesn't make worldly sense then it must not be God".  THIS IS A LIE FROM THE ENEMY!!!!!!
Let me pause for a moment and qualify that last statement.  I am not saying if you have used this term in the manner described above, that you are the devil.  What I am pointing out is that the devil's key strategy is based on deception and questioning.  He either plants a lie in our minds and we grab it and agree or he questions a truth we know and we grab hold of his question and question it too.
And this is what he does with this subtle lie.  He is trying to make people think that if what God tells us to do doesn't make sense in this natural (Practical) world's system then we should not do it. But there are plenty examples in the word of God that refute that position. Giod's Kingdom is right side up and this world is upside down, so the two will never actually match or meet up on some plane of understanding.
 Here are a few examples of things God asked people to do in his word, that made no sense in the natural but reaped great results for the people who obeyed:
  • Abraham asked to leave his family ans security and go to a place he had no idea of. Now we have a covenant with God.
  • Gideon told to get rid of his army to fight with a small band of soldiers against a huge army.  He ends up in victory.
  • David resists killing Saul who is wrongly pursuing him, and as a result ends up as King and being known as "a man after God's heart"
  • Jesus, God in flesh, relinquishes all his power to come to earth and live as a man and then die for us so that we might live.
It's obvious that God's way is opposite from the world's way. So why are we limiting our faith with such deceiving thoughts.  The next time you feel God calling you to step out in faith and do something risky for his Kingdom, and you are met with this cautionary statement.....remember this, if it's really God moving you, then practicality is not what you need, Faith is what you need.......

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