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It is Worth the Risk!

"When you are in a moment that has potential to alter your future, trust God, step out in faith and move forward. Don't let your dream die inside you because of the risk involved. With God, risk is the bridge that gets you to where He wants you to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (quoted from Word of the Day)

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TO DO LIST! by Sade

‎1. I will love at first sight today! 2. I will buy up every opportunity to share the love of Christ today w/ less words than yesterday! 3. I am favored of God! 4. I am joint heir with Christ and therefore I expect to see my inheritance in manifestation today! 5.Change is not just my petition, it's my actions!. #MorningDeclarations! Don't just go through your day, set you day! Consecrate it to the Lord and declare some things over it! You have the right!....ALL SMILES!! :) :)

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Do Your Passion, Not your fear!

‎"Instead of being programmed for success, most people are programmed to avoid failure." - Randy Gage ... This statement is SO true! I had to take a quick evaluation of my own life. Ask yourself, do I make fear based decisions? If the answer is yes, check to see if what you want to do is a passion or a fleeting desire. Then, re-evaluate, count up the cost & decide! You're made for this! ~ Be Encouraged! ...ALL SMILES! :) :)

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Its All About Him!

Its not about the size  of the seed you sow, but about the God who makes it grow! Its not about the prayer you pray, but about the greatness of the One who answers prayer! Be encouraged!Its not about the size of the seed you sow, but about the God who makes it grow! Its not about the prayer you pray, but about the greatness of the One who answers prayer! Be encouraged!

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"Productivity (In the Kingdom of God) is having the power to produce readily while remaining consistent with the standard!" 

Remember, without fruit, branches are unnecessary! So let's fulfill purpose TODAY!!!

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I Dare You!

Make today a complaint free day!!! Trade in your conversations of frustration, lack, annoyance, complaining and gossip for thanksgiving and praise!!! I pray that the peace of God keeps your hearts and minds, that the love of God be channeled through you and that the joy of the Lord be fixed, even in your countenance! 
~Be encouraged!!!....ALL SMILES!! :) :) SADE

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Call His Bluff!

Isaiah 59:19  When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him!!!! Just know that God has all power and satan is already defeated. Don't let the devil bluff you....YOU WIN!!!!! It is nothing but smoke, there is no fire! So when smoke fills the room the emergency training tells us to fall to our knees and crawl out the room. I dare you to fall to your knees and call on the name of Jesus, He will lead you out of your situation! SELAH

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God is faithful

‎"Unless Your law/word had been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction." Pslam 119:92 ....I ran across this scripture in my study on faithfulness this morning and it blessed me because it's the TRUTH!....ALL SMILES!! :) :)

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Purposely Impact Your Area of Influence!

Goldy influence is understanding the responsibility, capacity and compelling force of your words and actions & using them to produce thoughts, relationships and lifestyles that bring glory to the Father. ~ Today, be encouraged to purposely impact your area of influence for the glory of God!...ALL SMILES!! :) :)

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WHAT IS THE BIBLE? (quoted from Macarthur's Study Bible)

This book contains: the mind of God, the state of man, the way of salvation, the 

doom of sinners, and the happiness of believers.

Its doctrine is holy, its precepts are binding, its histories are true, and its 

decisions are immutable. Read it to be wise, believe it to be saved, and 

practice it to be holy.

It contains light to direct you, food to support you, and comfort to cheer you. 

It is the traveler's… Continue

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Endurance is often linked to hardship , however, the Word of 
God links endurance to a promise. We know that Jesus endured to his death and rose with all victory. Yet, many believers find enduring to the end as a punishment, not as the next level to their total victory. Join us tonight as we discuss the discipline of ENDURANCE! Tuesday. March 22, at 8pm, right here on You're going to love it!

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Creating Lasting Passion & Love

No matter how much we have achieved in any area of our lives, true fulfillment can only be found in one thing: the emotional quality of our personal relationships.Unfortunately, most of us have settled for something that falls below our deepest desires. We all want love and passion, yet most of us fill ourselves up with work, friends, sports, food, or causes outside the realm of passion, ecstasy, and intimate love.The good news is that regardless of your past experience or current relationship,… Continue

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Something New by Sade

"Move on", "Keep kicking", these are two of the most commonly used phrases when giving or receiving advice about dealing with your past. Like many, I found myself taking these phrases literally. I "moved on", in motion but still, by definition of "on", attached to my past. And yes, I "kept kicking", kicking and fighting, throwing a mental tantrum because I was never taught how to properly deal with my past. This, is why I love the word of…


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Did you know that hiccups are TEMPORARY, sudden, involuntary CONTRACTIONS of the diaphragm??... It's interesting that the word CONTRACTION also means a restrictions of currency or funds available! So if you are experiencing hiccups (restrictions of funds) in you life, just remember that it's only TEMPORARY!!!! ~ Be Encouraged!!! ....ALL SMILES!! :)… Continue

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"Your Destiny Now" by Dr Kervin Smith

"Nothing in our lives will maintain its intended vitality and momentum unless we intentionally nurture, cultivate, and care for it."

Join us on Tuesday, January 18th  on The SELAH Moments right here on as Dr Kervin Smith shares his passion to escort the body of Christ into living by kingdom principles!

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Promotion through Spiritual Warfare


Evangelist Patrick: “Spiritual warfare is when the believer experience spiritual attacks and opposition because the enemy already know that a promise is attached to your completed victory.”

Evangelist Patrick: “If you are…


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It's TUESDAY so be sure to TUNE-IN to "The Selah Moments " TONIGHT @7pm on www.OnPoint.FM! Tonight's topic: "Managing Holiday Stress"..You're gonna NEED it! #Helpful AND @8pm on! Tonight's topic:…

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In God We Trust (Sade)

Ladies, don't let your anxious heart forfeit the pursuit you deserve. Stay in your lane! Trust God with your personal life! ~Be Encouraged!....ALL SMILES!! :) :)

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‎"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." - Oscar Wilde . It's inevitable, everyone is influenced by opinions, but they don't have to be adopted as established truths in our lives. Stop financing others opinions for mental daps. Don't allow yourself to be driven by other people opinions. join us tonight at 8pm for further discussions!

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LOVE: Self abandonment. We must choose to love others in their love language. Love others the way they need to be love , because if you don't they may not feel fulfilled.

Ps 16:7 My heart instructs me in my night season. My circumstances do not dictate my behavior, I dictate my behavior base on the truth.

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